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Lauren Angelica Hay

Lauren Angelica Jewelry


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Lauren Angelica Hay
Owner and Jewelry Designer of Lauren Angelica Jewelry.

From a young age, Lauren Angelica always had a deep passion for art and creativity. Whether it was painting, singing, or dancing. She often found herself lost in the wonderful world of creativity. She was born and raised off the west coast of Florida and lived there for 23 years. She now resides on the Big island of Hawaii with her husband and baby boy. Her island roots run deep and you can expect to see them a great deal in her jewelry designs. Her ancestors actually originate from Spain, Cuba, and Puerto Rico and she comes from a long line of artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers. Her journey into jewelry design began in 2010. What started out as simply a fun way to make jewelry for friends and family out of my findings of shells, sea-glass, and gemstones; became a full time career that she is so passionate about. 

All the jewelry she makes is designed and handcrafted solely by her with love, precision, and detail in her home studio on the Big Island of Hawaii. Using a series of proprietary techniques such metalsmithing, wire wrapping, cold fusing, hammering, and more. She designs feminine, collectible jewelry that women will love to wear and cherish for a lifetime.

“My belief is that we are all uniquely made so our jewelry should be too. I adore designing jewelry that not only highlights and celebrates your beauty, but will also inspire you, and be an expression of who you are. ”
— Lauren Angelica Hay