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Linda Watson

Linda S Watson Fine Artist

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Linda Watson

Contemplation of Ti

H: 24 in W: 24 in

Oil on Canvas


Linda Watson

Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa

H: 16 in W: 20 in

Oil on Canvas


Linda Watson


H: 20 in W: 25 in

Oil on Canvas


Pele's Moon

Pele's Moon

H: 11 in W:14 in

Oil on Canvas


Blood Moon With Ohias- Linda S. Watson

Blood Moon with Ohias

H: 17 in W:13 in

Oil on Canvas


Banyan Trees Hilo-Linda S. Watson

Banyan Trees Hilo

H: 11 in W:9 in

Watercolor and Ink on Canvas Board


Linda Watson

Heliconias in the Wind

H: 31 in W: 24 in

Acrylic on paper, mounted on board


Linda Watson, Green Sands

Green Sands

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

H: 12 in W: 18 in



Urban Sunset in Hilo - Linda S. Watson

Urban Sunset (Hilo)

H: 6 in W:4 in

Oil on canvas


Linda Watson

Secret Garden

H: 15 in W:12 in

Watercolor, pastel and mixed media on paper


Linda Watson earrings

Unique Earring Designs

$15 to $19

Linda Watson Cards

Hand made art cards

$5 - $8 each



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