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Pat Dugdale

Pat Dugdale


Pat Dugdale Canoe

33 inch Canoe

Outrigger Canoe is made of Hawaiian Koa, Purple Heart and Oak. The outriggers are laminated for strength and lashed with Polyester. Hemp is available on request.n plate (not included) Canoe is 33 in long and 1 1/8 in wide. The base has 6 outrigger paddles and room for Brass plate Overall size 33x7x6

Pat Dugdale

Queen Emma Rocking Chairs

Hawaiian Koa from templets directly from the original chair.

Starting at $3895.00

Pat Dugdale table

Koa Display table

Table great for displaying the 33 inch canoe or any art you might have. perfect for a sofa table or hallway. 33x33x9

Pat Dugdale plant stand

Koa plant stand

Solid Koa stand, curved legs and a 14 inch top. Comes in two sizes

Pat Dugdale footstool

Foot Stools

Great gift for family and friends. 

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