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Talk Story (Print)

Talk Story (Print)

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Talk Story is part of the sunset series. Most images in this series are of sunsets or sunrises on the Big Island Hawaii.  Many of the locations are of places that are near and dear to my heart.   

Talk story is a Challenge to myself to have two focal points. When creating a piece of artwork maintaining a single focus directs the viewer to a location that you would like to be prominent.  This is usually the lightest and darkest areas of a painting.  In this case the conversation and interaction between the ohana outweighs the sunset.  This happens very often with great people in your life on the islands.

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Aspen Dewey

The style I learned at Kipaipai was a glazing technique that lays down multiple layers of color, allowing the light to bounce through the layers, and creating a glowing effect. I love capturing the glow seen as the sun is setting and is usually the focus of my landscape images. I’m currently working on a 12-painting series called “Bodies or Water that will include figurative in water. This is a challenging series to create due to the complexity of the human form and the imagination of underwater interactions. I am also dabbling in abstract. My first piece of abstract was accepted in the MACC Biennial, what an honor.
Art is my happy place. Connection with community via artwork is my focus and direction for the future. I hope I have connected with you.

* Kipaipai School of Art 2020 *Apprenticeship with Adare 2021*Figurative instructor 2021* Monthly figure drawing group at One Gallery (2023 -Currently) * Pop Up art events in Hilo for Keiki and Kapuna (Future)