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Aqua Wave

Aqua Wave

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This image was created at "End of the World in Keahou.  On that day the  waves where 16 feet high that day and I was able to get amazing photos.  There was a batle at this location amongst the hawaiians and the Kapu system was overturned after this battle.

Print on paper 9.5x8

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Ginger Sandel

I am a resident of the Big Island of Hawaii and moved to the islands in 1975. Self-taught until, in 2019, I earned a Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from the Academy of Art University. I have exhibited internationally and domestically. My Goal as an artist is to create art that will resonate with others and provide inspiration and joy.

The natural world is the inspiration for my work. The exquisite beauty of nature provides something ethereal that we often loose in our fast-paced society. Each painting is as if I am traveling somewhere where things are hidden and unknown.